We All Need A Break

We wake up one day

Wanting to relax

Unwinding the days and months at stretch

Guilt felt that day never leaves the soul

For us, unwinding is not our role

We are like a clock

Running 24/7

But it also needs a replacement reckon?

Then comes the phase of burning out

All the hardwork is just a trout

It yields no good, keep on trying

At the end of it all

We all just need that day

Live a life free of stress they say

There are a thousand lessons ahead of us

A million assignments to be done

All waiting to be reached

All I can say is that the fastest way to reach your destination is slowly and steadily

With breaks and lounging days

A day spent in front of the TV With friends…

~Kriti Khatry

(Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura)


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