Ways To Find Your Passion

We all have always been told to follow our passions. But how exactly can we know how to find our passion? We've all struggled with this at some point of time in our lives. Don't worry! Instead of wishing or waiting for something to come your way, follow these tips and tricks to find out what you truly like and pursue your interests.

1. Is there something you already love to do?

Do you have a hobby or something, you already loved doing as a child, but never thought of having as a possibility for a job? For instance, if you love to read and you also like to write and you write well, there is a possibility that you could do it for a living. Be an author of a book or create your blog. If you're already good at something, you just need to research the possibilities of making money from it.

2. Brainstorm

If you feel you're still confused and nothing solid is coming to your mind, take some time out and think! Spend a few minutes of your day in a quiet place and think of what you've always had a great interest in doing. Think about what excites you and write it down on a piece of paper. There is rarely a bad idea at this stage.

3. Ask

Have conversations with people around you. Collect as much information as you can. Talk to people with similar interests, Watch videos, or read about the same. If you genuinely have an interest in something, you would've been already been doing this. The more you'll explore, the more you'll get to know about the possible opportunities. There are probably people you admire in your life and there are things that you would want to replicate in yourself. Go to them and talk to them if possible. Learn how they found their true interest and how they landed their successful career. Do the research and gather as much information as you can.

4. Try

Give your passion a try. If you're doing a job today, you don't have to quit it tomorrow and follow your interest. Keep doing what you're doing. If you can pursue your passion as a side job and still make money with it, it is even better, It gives you a chance to build up some savings while practicing the skills you need. In this way, you'll explore the things you've always wanted to try.

5. Be enthusiastic about everything you do

Make sure you're passionate enough about what you're doing or thinking to do. A few goals may look attractive at first but later, you might lose interest. Enjoy everything you do. You'll never know if you'll discover something that you're passionate about if you don't have any enthusiasm for it.

6. Keep practicing

If you've come close to finding out what you truly love doing, keep practicing it and invest your time in it. Finding your passion is a good step, but keeping up with it is challenging. Build up connections with people in the same field as yours and talk to them and seek their guidance. Learn from their experiences. You might face several difficulties during this process, but if you're passionate about your goal, you'll achieve it. Don't let the small obstacles stop you from getting what you truly want. Keep up the good work and move forward with your failures using them as your learning experiences. Don't limit yourself if you enjoy something.

~Diya Grewal

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” - Oprah Winfrey


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