Trust the Timing

A person should start living for small moments. That’s when you know you are living the smell of coffee in the morning, the different colors of the sunset, rain, etc. The big moments are great when they come but damn the small moments make everything fall in right place. Some people will choose to remember and recognize only the version of you that they held the most power over, no matter how long it’s been or how much you have changed so never let anyone control or affect your mental peace. Mr. Bean taught me one thing: to enjoy your own company rather than expecting others to do so. Fewer people in life mean less trouble. There is a line in my favorite show, ”it’s funny how we find things sometimes” and if you think about it, it's so damn true. People say, timing is a bitch but eventually it all adds up. It's usually perfect, even if we can't see it at that time. We always end up finding what we're looking for at the right time, even though sometimes it may not seem like that. it will find its way to you, no matter how distant it seems. Sometimes in life, everything goes smoothly, and then boom something unexpected happens, the important thing is to know how to turn that situation into a positive or a useful aspect.

~Tanishi Rathi


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