Teenagers and Anxiety

Have you ever felt scared of school? How about to the point where you physically can’t make yourself go the next day? This is a large problem that a lot of teens face. This is called anxiety, a natural human response to a risky or tense situation. There is nothing much to worry about because everything can be fixed with time. Teens with anxiety are often reluctant to come to school, have low grades because of said truancy, and feel sick, along with many more symptoms. Students with strong anxiety tend to be less productive and have low grades, despite how “smart” their teachers and parents claim that they are. Some strategies are open for teens to use to help solve their problems. Practicing yoga, meditating, eating a healthy diet, etc can help you work on reducing anxiety. When you think you are having an anxiety attack you should always take deep breaths and count slowly to 10. A person should always be proud of whom they are instead of being like I am not good in this or I am not good in that everyone has their unique quality Looking the most different in a crowd is the one thing that you should be proud of.

~Tanishi Rathi

“The things that make me different are the things that make me.”


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