Look At The Bright Side

I read it somewhere that there is no such thing as bad people. We’re all just people who do bad things. These lines are stuck with me because its true. We have all got a little bit of good and evil in us. HATE has 4 letters so does LOVE, ENEMIES have 7 letters so do FRIENDS, NEGATIVITY has 10 letters so does POSITIVITY. Life has two sides choosing the better is in our hands. Butterflies cannot see how beautiful they are but we as humans can, the same way we might not see the good or bad side of ourselves but others can. By others, I don’t tend to say any XYZ person's opinion matters rather the people who love you and care about you are the people whose opinions should matter the most. Your life is gonna fly away so just learn to love it you will have breakdowns, you will fall, and you will feel lost but at the end, your destiny will take you somewhere if you will have the faith in yourself to get up when you fall down.

~Tanishi Rathi


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