Lighten Up!

You can never please everyone, so don’t even try. As long as you know the truth and your heart is in sync with your mind, as long as you love the person you see in the mirror trust me you can pass any storm coming. The longest relationship you will have is with yourself so it’s better that you protect it. I believe in the beauty of the moon rather than the stars this is because even when the moon has so many imperfections it still manages to shine more than the stars? At night when everything is dark, it’s the moon that lights up everything around us. Everybody has their own sets of insecurities and imperfections but what’s important is how you embrace them. Don’t be like other people who have even worse things going on, be able to say the experience is hard and it’s going to take some time for me to heal from it, and trust me times heal everything. What has to happen will happen. It's okay to break sometimes but what’s important is that you rise back again just like a phoenix. A phoenix burns but then stands up again from its ashes. No matter how many times you fall have the courage to stand up back again.

~Tanishi Rathi


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