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It’s up to you!

Happiness is a person’s personal choice. A person can take a situation into a positive or a negative aspect, it is totally up to them. One thing a person should never forget is that no matter whatever negative thing anyone says to you about your personality or looks or what so ever you should never take it to your heart cause a person who themselves are insecure about their looks or personality comments on the other person. You should always find little ways to be happy it keeps your mental peace healthy trust me on that. Personally, when I see someone smile, that makes me super happy. Cutting negative or toxic people from your life also helps a lot. If you take it this way that 99 people say good things about you but 1 person has a negative take on you, all you would care about is the negative things that a single person said, not the good things those 99  people said.

~Tanishi Rathi

“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will think its entire life, believing that it is useless.”


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