An Introduction To Sternity

Sternity is an online platform that envisions providing access to courses, internships, career-related information, and opportunities to high school students. Our mission is to create awareness and encourage students to interact, gain experience and develop necessary skills for their life after school by giving them access to the right resources.

At Sternity, we believe high school students should explore more to follow their passion and choose the right career path.

Through our platform, we intend to provide the best knowledge required in shaping a student's life while concurrently providing organizations with the most enthusiastic learners. We hope to tackle students' obstacles while looking for such opportunities in their high school years.

We solemnly believe that we only learn concepts at the school level, and it is almost impossible to get involved in the professional world. Furthermore, we look forward to providing students with templates for their resumes and helping them make spectacular ones.

Our Goal

At the school level, we only learn concepts. There's little chance to delve into the professional world. Therefore, we envision creating a platform where students can gain adequate job experience opportunities, develop new skills, and implement them after their school years.

How It Works For Students And Organizations

For students: Our platform connects you with organizations to gain work experience and embellish your resume. You get to have access to competitions and resume templates for free. You get access to professional courses and internships through the best organizations. You are provided with all the necessary and important information required for building up the right career path.

For organizations: We connect you with the most enthusiastic and ardent students. Organizations get the students they are looking for without much effort with the help of our online platform.

~ Diya Grewal


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