Dear Teenage Me,

Someone out there who is at their lowest, this blog might help you as it did to me.

Everyone thinks that it's just a phase, it will go with time. LOL! How do they even experience the sleepless night we go through the pain in the heart we feel and how can we forget the sweet dish, our insecurities. When we are in this age where we make ourselves feel so underestimated that it cost our confidence. So right now I would like to pause and tell myself to let go of all my insecurities and make myself understand that all the scars, pimples, and marks will come and go, but what we should not let go of is our confidence, our faith in ourselves. We should be happy, satisfied, and proud of looking at ourselves. No one is perfect, neither is anybody's life. There's nothing called a perfect family as some have a family with lots of drama, some have with a lot of fight, some have a rich one and some with none. But I guess it's normal because indeed, it's not a movie. Sometimes it's okay to not be okay, what's important is that nothing hampers our confidence, our happiness, our faith in ourselves. So one solution can be that one should write their fears and insecurities on a piece of paper, make an airplane out of it and let it catch its first flight. Say it a final goodbye and hope to never see it again.

~Tanishi Rathi


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