A Fall Can Not Decide Your Fate

"Don't let a fall decide your fate" we all would have eventually heard about it in our lives but have we ever followed it in reality?! While growing up we learn thousands of things. We even get a lot of pressure from our family and friends to be successful in our lives, we are often asked to score well in exams and make good impressions of ourselves but when we fail to do so people mock us, demotivate us and make us question our abilities. But my dear friend doesn't let a single fall and demotivation from others decide the future ahead of yours, don't hold back just coz you were not able to cross one hurdle of life. Life is full of hurdles, it doesn't matter if you lost in one, you have thousands ahead to jump over and win.

Someone rightly said, "the pillars when fall, emerge back stronger and higher". It means that if u fail once or trip over then don't just lose faith in yourself, rather get up and start all over again and trust me you will find even better outcomes than you would have expected before. Therefore, whenever you are not able to achieve what you want then don't lose hope or faith rather work harder towards achieving it and you will be able to get it in no time.

In our childhood, when we were taught to take our first footsteps we surely would have tripped on our first attempt but our parents encouraged us to try again and so we tried and see now we can walk so easily thinking it's not a big deal but maybe at some point in our lives it was. Just think if our parents lost hope or if we hadn't tried again, then do you think we would have been able to walk today? Similarly in our life, we are in a constant hurry to chase our goals but since the path is not a cakewalk we are sure to fall if we will stand up again then we will be able to walk through it and achieve it. I understand that it is easier to say than to follow but we need to try again and again till we get what we want and then there will be no limits on what we will be able to achieve.

~Ashka Singhal

(Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura)


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