What Is Sternity?

Sternity is an online platform where students can get all the important information regarding their careers on a single website. With the help of our website, we will be creating awareness about different opportunities and platforms for students that are available not only for internships but also for programs.

Our website will also be interacting with different organizations. In sternity, we believe that high school students should explore more. You don’t have to be disheartened if you are unaware of your interest you can try multiple courses or internships and later or sooner you will catch up with your interest or passion and move forward with it.

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Raghav Gupta

Founder and CEO

Raghav is a 11th grader. He wants to become an entrepreneur and has a great interest in accounting and economics. Because of his personal experience, the idea of Sternity came into focus. Apart from this, he is also a national gymnast.


Riya Goel

 Co-Founder and IT Head

Riya is a 11th grader. She is a fast learner and a detail-oriented person. She is a great asset in web designing and developing. She is really into astronomy and astro-photography. She is also fond of machines and robots. ​

 Meet The Team 

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Tanishi Rathi

Content Writer and Marketeer

Tanishi is a 11th grader. She aspires to become a successful entrepreneur in the future. She describes herself as a very outgoing person who loves to socialize. She is highly dedicated to her work and excels in communication. She loves debating, dancing and reading novels.

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Diya Grewal

PR Head and Social Media Manager

Diya is an action-oriented student, researcher, and leader who has engaged in completing academic and leadership projects independently and collaboratively. She is also an aviation enthusiast and describes herself as highly ambitious and dedicated. Her hobbies include painting, blogging, and listening to music.